How Tuscany Spa is committed to protecting our clients health.

Our ongoing steps to protect our clients, the team Tuscany Staff and our community.

Tuscany Spa is committed to protecting the health of our clients and co-workers. We've increased our standard disinfection and safety procedures due to recent health concerns. I've listed our disinfection procedure below. And steps we've taken to effectively prevent the spread of viruses, germs and bacteria. 1. Hand washing. Our beauty/wellness schools taught us to wash our hand, wrists and under the nails for 20 seconds. We always wash our hands before and after working on a client, and after we touch any device. 2. Cleaning spa tools/implements We wash our spa tools, eg tweezers, extractors, etc, with soap and water after each use. Then they're placed in disinfecting quats for 10 minutes. After drying they're stored in a closed container. 3. Spa cleaning. We have the spa professionally cleaned every other week. During the week the staff continue to spot clean as needed. 4. Extra spa cleaning. We wipe surfaces with disinfectant solution daily and after use. 5. Air Purifier We've recently changed and updated the filters in our heating/air conditioning unit. We also have an Ozone Air Purifier/Ionizer unit that Hermina set up in the spa a few years ago. 6. Staff illness - we'll stay home. If we experience any cold symptoms or think we've been exposed, we'll stay home and recuperate. We'll cancel all our appointments. And reschedule for 2 weeks out. 7. Sick client - Please cancel your appointment. If you, our client, is ill, we request you cancel immediately. Please call as soon as you feel a cold or flu coming on. Or if you believe you have been exposed. We will not charge late fees, it's important we stay healthy. 8. Treating sick clients? NO. We will turn away any and all clients that are ill when they come into the spa. The good news is that we have amazing clients, so this has NOT been an issue. A HUGE THANK YOU to our clients that have called in sick and cancelled their appointment. You are helping keep us all healthy. My staff and I appreciate the trust you've placed in us. We will continue to keep an eye on the situation and make any changes as needed. Michelle G. Lathe of Tuscany Spa

Here are positive points to keep in mind.

With Corona virus 80% of the cases are mild, 14% can lead to severe pneumonia and 5% can become critical. It's good to be safe, but with sensible precautions, we don't need to panic. For more positive, hopeful news I've included a link to the article- CDC guidelines include prevention tips and proper handwashing technique. They also have info on symptoms, what to do if you're sick and the latest updates. Tuscany Spa's focus is to improve our clients' well-being. We're here for you. If you need your skin and body care products, we will ship for FREE. Order online at: If you want to cancel or reschedule your appointments, leave a message at 818-248-5500 or cancel online at: Please stay safe, calm and healthy, Michelle