5 Quick and easy steps to clearer skin.

5 Steps to Clearer Skin

Treat your breakouts with this quick and easy breakout routine.

Breakouts are the name I've used when referring to pimples, zits, pustules, blackheads, comedones, milia, whiteheads, pustules. All are forms of Acne.

I'm prone to acne, it first flared up in my teen years. Fortunately mom was studying skincare at the time. So I had my mom mixing up her potions and unguents to clear up and maintain my acne prone skin. Three cheers for Mom.

I still breakout today. Not as badly but it still happens. Here are the 5 steps I take to clear my skin when the acne flares up.

1. Daily Acne Wash

This gentle foaming cleanser is an effective 2% glycolic acid and 2 % salicylic acid that clear breakouts. It removes the excess dead skin cells that are the food the acne bacteria loves to eat. And it cleans off debris and excess oil that nurture the p.acne bacteria. And yet it's mild enough to be used as a daily wash for teen, oily and combo skin. On my combo to dry skin I use it daily a week before my cycle and for at least 3 days in a row whenever I get a flareup.

2. Sonic Cleansing System

Use it daytime with your favorite mild cleanser. I use my sonic cleanser in the shower with either Soothing AntiOxidant cleanser or Pure Cleanse. The tear drop tip is great for getting into stubborn creases and corners. And great around the eyes for the white fatty buildup spots I get.

Safe for daily use. An excellent deep pore cleanser without excess friction nor irritation so it doesn't aggravate the skin.

3. Benz Acne Treatment

When I get those white, gooey, pus-filled pimples I grab Benz Acne Treatment. There are 2 ways to use it.

First, spot treat any pimples directly. Leave it on 30 minutes at most. Then wash it off with your favorite cleanser.

Second way to use it is to apply a dime size of Benz Acne Treatment into your palm. Then add a pump of the Daily Acne wash. Mix it together in your palm. Then add this now potent Acne Treatment Wash onto your face and cleanse your skin.

You don't need separate acne cleansers so you save your money and your skin. NOTE: Don't get it on your couch or clothing. Benz Acne Treatment can bleach fabric.

4. Spot treat pimples with C2S