What is a Diagnostic facial?

What is a Diagnostic Facial and is it right for you?

At Tuscany Spa we offer a 2 hour diagnostic facial for new clients. A Diagnostic facial is 2 Hours focused on you So you can:

  1. "pick our brain" and get questions answered.

  2. learn how to take the best care of your skin.

  3. Get real skin knowledge based on studies, science and 20+ of esthetics experience. .

  4. Update and enhance your current routine. And go home with a straight forward 4 step skincare routine.

Plus get a thorough and customized facial.

Several years ago we were interviewing estheticians. As we explained and detailed the services one interviewee surprised us. She stated " My mom said she wouldn't pay for a diagnostic facial. And I agree, my clients wouldn't need or pay for that."

Mom and I were in slack-jawed shock.

woman getting facial treatment

Why wouldn't you want to learn about your skin? To learn how to get the best results from your existing and fav products? What ingredients you should be looking for?

And wouldn't you want a quick and easy 4 step skincare routine? One that combats your skin concerns and conditions. While giving you the best, most beautiful skin possible.

We want our clients to have the best information available. So they can make the right choices for themselves. This is the value of a Diagnostic facial. The emphasis is on:

  • ingredients to use

  • irritants to avoid

  • simple twice daily routine to follow

  • easy tips to get your skin back in balance.

Plus you get an amazing facial.