Save Your Skin, Feed a Student

College should be a fun and formative time in our lives. But for local GCC students it may be a time of struggle and hunger. Tuscany Spa is sharing a part of our success to help our local students. Here is why their struggle resonates with me. And how together we can make a difference. - Michelle

college students on campus

When I was in college my dad had 2 accidents. His injuries led to several surgeries, loss of work, disability and then bankruptcy. It was a tough time for us. Mom had to work 2 jobs and long hours to keep us housed, clothed and fed.

I got into credit card debt paying for college. I needed Moms' help to buy "Ol' Temperamental", a used Jetta sedan. This car didn't run in the rain, but thankfully, I live in sunny California. In return I played Uber driver for my sister since dad couldn't walk nor drive.

I remember my friend Tammy was upset that I wouldn't join a sorority event and I left to run errands for the family. I couldn't understand her anger. This wasn't a sacrifice, it's how our family survived.

I'm grateful that I never went hungry. Mom made sure of that. Yes there were many things that were "not in our budget" but a family meal wasn't one of them. Today I realize how hard mom worked to make that a reality.

My client Monette recently told me that food insecurity is a reality for some GCC students. Many have financial struggles. And they'd found students were going hungry. But hunger isn't conducive to learning. So Glendale Community College created a food bank for their students. The most common item the kids take are rice and beans. Staples. My mom made many a dinner with these basics.

I want to help GCC help their struggling students. It's hard enough to study and get ahead without worrying where your next meal is coming from.

And that's when it hit me: "Save your Skin, Feed a Student!" I can help by donating a portion of our skincare product sales.

My skincare line TuscanySkinSpa (formerly Pelasante) is an incredible line. TuscanySkinSpa skincare offers real results for real skin problems. Now it can help our local students get ahead.

So I'm donating a portion of every TuscanySkinSpa Skincare sales to the GCC Food Bank. This includes every in-store or online TuscanySkinSpa product sold.

Save your Skin, Feed a Student