Fantastic $50 Spa Specials to help Relax and Restore

Tax time tension

April 15th is an annual American tradition of tax time tension. Water cooler chatter includes words like extension, dependants and accountants. It's enough stress to cause your toes to curl and your skin to crack.

This is the perfect time to bring back Tuscany Spa 50/50 deals. Enjoy a spa day for a fraction of the original cost. What's the catch? It's only availabe for One Week-April 18 to 22nd. And each service is a refreshing 50 minute version of the original for only $50!

What's available?

Tuscany Spa 50/50 Facial

Get your skin rejuvenated with an AntiAging LED Firming Facial. This treatment removes the dry, dead cell surface, simulates skin circulation, replenishes hydration. The LED firming light therapy reduces appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. Get your glow back and save $100 during Tuscany Spa's 50/50 Week.

Tuscany Spa 50/50 Massage

Restore and rebalance your body from the ground up. Foundational Foot Massage combines several techniques: Acupressure, reflexology and massage. An aromatic heat therapy and detoxify charcoal mask make this a heavenly treatment. Let us show you how much you can destress your body when you treat your feet to a Foundational Foot Massage.

We are spotlighting these two incredible spa services. But it's a limited time offer and appointments are going fast. To get the deal before its gone, book now.

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For more information look over our Frequently asked questions list below.

We look forward to seeing you at your friends at during our Tuscany Spa 50/50 Special.


FAQ about Tuscany Spa's 50/50 Week Special


How much does it cost?

Each treatment is only $50. But only during April 18th to 22nd.