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Get A Free $10 Gift Card By Sending Us A Short Video Review Of Pelasante by Tuscany Spa Products!

A FREE $10 Pelasante by Tuscany Spa Gift Card

 Michelle G. Lathe of Tuscany Spa will send you a $10 Gift Card to our spa in return for just a 20 to 50 second video review of our product!


Get Started Now

Follow these simple steps below:

To Get Started Now Just Follow These Simple Steps

1) Grab a smartphone or tablet that can record video



2) Record your video review of Pelasante product.
(Must be 20 - 50 seconds long)

We suggest you ask a friend or family member to record you.


To Qualify For The Gift Card, You Must Include The Following 3 Elements In Your Video.

A) Mention our product by Name: Pelasante by Tuscany Spa
B) Clearly show your face and our product.
C) Review both our product (how you use it, why you love it) and your shopping experience. 


3) Email us your video (from the same device your recorded it on).

Use Subject line: Pelasante Video Review. 
Send it to:

4) Get Your Free $10 Gift Card

If your video meets all of the above criteria, we'll send you a gift card within 72 hours.



Fine Print: One product per review, one gift card per product. Video


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