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Restorative Massage

Each massage is specifically designed to address the client's needs. A variety of techniques, such as Swedish and Heat therapy, will be used to achieve optimal results. 


Restorative Massage

60 Minutes

75 Minutes

90 Minutes






Specific Area Scrub          $50

Hand & Foot Scrub          $40

Focused Stretch Therapy $40

25 min - choose an area to stretch. Targets are that needs it the most. Can be added onto a massage.

Heated Stretch Therapy  $75

50 min -Chose upper or lower body to target the area that needs it the most.


Deep Restorative Massage

Pregnancy Massage

We also offer Sports Massage and Reflexology Foot Massage.

Info coming soon.

Intense focus on the root cause of  pain & discomfort.  May combine MFR, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Acupressure Points.


60 Minutes             $110
75 Minutes             $130
90 Minutes             $150

The ideal massage during pregnancy and for postpartum care. 

60 Minutes            $ 90

75 Minutes            $110

90 Minutes            $130

Restorative Massage is suitable for Tension and Pain related to the following Common Concerns: Occupation, Injury, Athletics and Pregnancy.

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