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Skin care treatments at Tuscany Spa are a vital element in your overall wellness. Our Essential Facials are 80 minutes long to address your real skin concerns.

Monthly facials bring about a youthful glow revealing the true beauty of the real you. Enjoy your facial with our highly skilled specialists as your skin is magically transformed and improved.

New Client Diagnostic Facial         $170

Thorough skin analysis & skin wellness education with customized facial.

(2 hour session)


Essential Facial                               $130

Customized focus on your skin concerns.


with Microderm Resurfacing         $150

with LED Firming Light                  $150

With Strong Customized Peel       $150  

with Acne Deep Cleansing             $150


Targeted Teen Facial                        $ 90

45 min treatment


Skin Analysis & Consultation          $ 40

Does not include facial 


Mild, Moderate & Strong

45 minute session       $70 - $100


Intensive Skin Peel                      

Retinoic Complex Peel

45 minute session                $200

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